Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

An introduction to Pathos

The slight of words you wittily mumble while rubbing the blemish off your rifle’s stock. The little mantra that will echo through everyone’s head the next fifteen minutes. Interrupting grave stares you trade with your partners while moving through the shaft. The one short sentence that remains with you as you breach another door and stake out the room. A little summary before the execution.

Something like: ‘Nice build’.

It’s short, maybe even cliché. But if you had wanted to write a book, you would have become a writer.

But you became a specialist, a professional.

Whose every mission is different. Who will have learned how to adapt, outsmart and outplay the enemy. Jumps through walls and charges head on or preys stealthily in their footsteps waiting for the perfect ambush. A specialist you put together through an infinite variation of conflicts and tactical decisions, through an infinite variety of buildings.

Pathos is a team-based tactical espionage action multiplayer game that we are developing for pc, mac and piece together a unique synergy of abilities for your characterlinux. A game that actually gives you the ability to build a unique character with its own unique toolkit, as part of a specialist tactical combat team.

In the character creator you can piece together a unique synergy of abilities for your character. We don’t build your character, we give you the tools to build a kit. There’s no reason to learn the specifics of a hundred characters; just the power of combination. Start with a comprehensible skillset and be inspired by the setups people use against you or use your own insight and imagination to baffle your opponents.

Decide your character’s look and flavour; face, body and clothes. Build a grotesque cybergenetically enhanced giant that stomps through his opponents or a nimble assassin teleporting through walls setting up spectacularly dangerous traps. As you become better, you will start to look the look. Pathos features a system that makes your successes show. Your character will start looking more spectacular as you win more games. On a winning streak? You’ll look like a boss.

you’ll play a different map every timeLevels in Pathos are procedurally generated. No need to stare at the same map over and over, you’ll play a different map every time. Learn to quickly understand each environment and use it to your advantage. You and your team decide how to approach each level at the beginning of every match.

Throughout you will hunt and be the hunted, whatever you are or will be, it’ll be up to you.


The elevator wheezes and halts, the display panel disappears and the doors part. You step out into the sullen lobby where a water cooler fizzes and the little kids’ bike lays abandoned.

As are your teammates, right now you are glad you’re not a writer.


[Leading image is a collage based on a Stock Image by Sara Goldman]

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